My 2022 Collection tells the story of my journey of self-discovery and of my Whakapapa.

It is the telling of my tupuna, the acknowledgement of their reality, the journey and their

whakareretanga (legacy).


‘The gathering of Taonga to create Korowai

My Awa Te Hoiere Pelorus the Pakohe argillite and Pounamu greenstone, Te Moana the sea,

'Turangawaewae a place to stand and belong’


Engaging with spray paints and resin has allowed me to manifest creativity into some meaningful pieces that go beyond the normal resin/spray paint boundaries. Finding that creativity outside of these boundaries brings challenges and allows me to step out of my comfort zone which creates a point of difference from my fellow resin artists. 


To begin I had to create a conversation with my chosen mediums and materials, these materials have been cast to create an interaction and assimilation to that of raw textures of stone and rock formations preserving a conscious smoothness about them. 


The dilution of solvent and resin is manipulated to that of stone or rock being pulled from the Awa consenting to a rippled mirror effect, a similar feel is seen when you place your feet in the sand as the waters ebb away.


The visual presentation of this allows the viewer to reside themselves in that moment of time
whilst contemplating perhaps the stars of ‘whanau ariki’ or the sunset ‘whanau Marama’.


As an Artist, I wish to recreate this view for the observer to sit in their ‘whare’ and contemplate the spectacle of our environment below, within and above us.


This collection of pieces has its own story but has the elements of a sisterhood each individual but co-dependent and is whakapapa.


This is Wahine Matike




I'm a Contemporary Maori Artist. I whakapapa to Ngāi Tahu and Ngāti Kuia.  I have always been drawn to creative outlets, especially art since a young age.   

My Dad is a Master Carver in Wood and Oamaru Stone. His passion for Māori Art has been passed down to me. My passion came from creating Pounamu (Greenstone) and other beautiful Stones, out of a two-pot epoxy resin, using spray cans to manipulate the pour to imitate stone. 


Currently, I have been adding to my creativity and have introduced carving contemporary jewellery from stones I have found. This has turned into an addictive passion I want to pursue more.


Learning more about my culture through Te Reo, Whanau and research I am further developing my cultural passion.  I hope others can feel the same way when viewing or purchasing my pieces. 


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